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I bleed Cubby blue

"A true Cubs fan believes this year is our year." - Ronny Santo

23 June
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First off, I was brought into the world on one of the greatest days in Cubs history, the day of "The Sandberg Game". (On June 23rd, 1984 the Cubs met the Cardinals at Wrigley Field to play a Saturday afternoon game, which was being broadcast nationally as the game of the week. The Cardinals jumped ahead to a 7-1 lead after the second inning, but the Cubs kept coming back and closed the gap to a one run Cardinals lead heading into the bottom of the ninth. Sandberg lead off the inning with a home run off the Cardinal's Bruce Sutter, to send the game to extra innings. In the tenth inning, Sandberg faced Sutter again with the Cubs down 11-9. Sandberg hit his second home run of the afternoon, this time with Bobby Dernier on base to tie the game again at 11. In the eleventh inning, the Cubs pushed across a run and the Cubs won 12-11. The game has been named simply "The Sandberg Game," and for good reason: Sandberg finished the game 5 for 6 with 7 RBI, 2 runs scored, and 2 home runs.)

Other than that I am a twenty something student at NIU. I just switched majors to Journalism with a minor in Comms. Public Relations/Advertising (apparently a better degree than one from Marketing with less math). I also love hockey and idolize Patrick Roy. If it isnt obvious I am also a huge cubs fan. I am pretty new the lj scene and for the most part will probably only be posting in the Cubs, NIU, and probably NHL forum.

Currently considering moving to Canada.... or if the heavens' should smile upon me, Ireland.